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Jai Shree Krishna

I’m Hemang Bhatt, a Hindu Priest London, Speaker & Spiritual guide. I was born in a family of Hindu Brahmin priests and I began studying Vedic scriptures in an Ashram (hermitage) & learned ceremonies there.

I specialize in the Hindu rituals, traditions and specific customs which complete a Hindu marriage.

I am a Hindu Priest and I perform a ‘silent Hindu wedding ceremony’ where I recite the verses in Sanskrit with an explanation in English, Gujarati & also in Hindi. My multi-lingual skills help me in conveying the right message to my audience. Located outside India, I have a predominantly English speaking guestlist for the weddings which I conduct. Plus, Indian weddings have a predominant Hindi speaking population.

This allows the couple and the guests to understand the reasons for each part of the ceremony and allow everyone to be a witness to the marriage and give the due respect the spiritual ceremony. I am very friendly and cooperative with my clients and try to deliver the best services to my clients. Even though I am a priest, I have a decent fan following considering my level of dedication towards my work.

Helping Bind Lives as a Hindu Wedding Priest London

A Taste of Hindu Philosophy

As a Hindu wedding priest London, I give the gathered guests a glimpse of the authentic Hindu rituals. Some of these rituals date back to more than a thousand years. It is the true meaning of the auspicious marriage ceremony that manifests the essence of Hindu philosophy.

What is a Wedding?

The Hindu wedding is nothing but the uniting of two souls. The two souls are to unite;

  • Mentally
  • Spiritually
  • And Physically

My job as one of the best Hindu priests in London is to maintain the sacredness and sanctity of the occasion. It is the start of a friendship between the bride and the groom. It is also the start of a family. But most importantly it is the first step into responsibility for the newlyweds.

Spiritual Evolution

My job as a Hindu marriage priest London is to spread the spiritual spark amongst the gathered guests. This is essential as I being a silent Hindu Priest London want to see the important day’s vibe resonate from those present.

To Each Their Own

As a Hindu pandit for a wedding in London, I respect every culture, community, individual needs and beliefs. It is through this respect and understanding of a diverse country’s culture as the UK, I tailor the wedding ceremonies I preside over.

If you are on the lookout searching the words, ‘Hindu priest near me’, then it is me Hemang Bhatt the wedding priest who will take it up from there.

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